Course Program
Motorcycle Intermediate Level


CB500F/NC700S, CBF600 Motorcycles with stabilizers and equipment



Helmet, gloves, chest and back protection, elbow guards and knee pads.



9:15 to 15:00

Calendar and course enrollment

Here are some examples of course activities

If you know the basics of riding a motorcycle and you’re looking for greater safety and fun, this is your course


Course designed for riders with some experience who return to motorcycling after some time, or who have changed or want to change to larger-sized motorcycles and need to refresh skills and/or attain more riding confidence and ability. This theoretical-practical course is designed to eliminate certain bad habits as well as promote safe and relaxed riding through good riding techniques. The practical part includes braking on slippery surfaces using motorcycles equipped with stabilizers.


Some of the techniques you will learn in this course:

• Risk prevention and reaction techniques

• Adapting the motorcycle to individual rider’s needs.

• Safe Riding Techniques: maneuvering at low speed, balance, agility, brake use...etc.

• Reducing braking distance and correct brake application in risk situations.


All courses include corresponding RC insurances and policies

The use of motorcycles, rider’s equipment and gas are included in the price.


At least a type A2 driver’s license is required for the Intermediate Defensive Riding Course.


IMPORTANT: The purpose of this course is to improve riding technique, not to teach users without any previous experience how to ride a motorcycle. Experience with manual gear-shift motorcycles is required.

Price: Monday to Friday 92€ | Weekend 98€

Honda NC700S:

Motocicleta tipo naked destinada para los cursos de Conducción Defensiva. Muy manejable, permitiendo trabajar de la mejor manera los diferentes ejercicios de conducción, su elevado par motor en régimen de bajas y medias revoluciones  permite practicar aspectos como la finura en la entrega de gas y la suavidad en las acciones.

Motorcycles for the Course

Honda CBF600:

Unit equipped with stabilizers used for ABS braking exercises so the rider can experience ABS behavior on slippery surfaces, and the corresponding reaction when it’s not equipped with ABS.

Honda CB500F:

Naked-type motorcycle used for the Defensive Riding courses. Soft and progressive engine behavior which allows to learn and practice the different driving techniques. Lighter that the NC700S (also available for this course), it is ideal for basic courses o non experienced drivers.

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