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Motorcycle Accident Stats


Accidents en route to/from work are a lesson waiting to happen in Occupational Risk Prevention. Companies often believe this risk is inevitable because they may lack the means to prevent it. This perception needs to be corrected, as we can see from the following graphs:


Types of Traffic Accidents                           Accident Profiles

As we can see from the graphs, in most cases human factor is the main cause of these kinds of accidents.


Accident Causes

Other Causes



The driver of the vehicle

Fuente ACEM

Accidents en route to/from work

Professional riders

Accidents in other situations

Non-professionals riding



Accidents en route to/from work usually lead to sick leave lasting approximately double the average time for other occupational accidents, and the cost to companies can be up to three times higher.

According to the National Institute for Health and Safety at Work:


10, 01% of occupational accidents with sick leave occur en route to/from work, showing a global increase in these kinds of accidents over the last decade.

What do we offer companies?


Advantages for companies



Benefits for participants

Use of motorcycles and all the necessary equipment

Reduced Price and consulting services for application of credits to recover the cost of the course*.

Training by an accredited specialist in Occupational Risk Prevention.

Learning safe riding techniques and concepts.


Risk awareness and defensive riding.


Course adapted to the riding skills of every participant.

Our training program is classified according to the experience of the participants on the motorcycle they usually ride


Course Programs


125cc Scooter

Basic Defensive Riding

Advanced Defensive Riding


Intermediate Defensive Riding

Approximate Duration

6 hrs

6 hrs

6 hrs

8 hrs

8 hrs



700 cc


600 y 700 cc

According to Need

*Possibility of recovering (up to maximum) course costs through Social Security credits, via specialized companies.

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