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Honda Safety Institute is not just a local center. Our training courses for professionals and individuals are open to any individual or group, regardless of where they live. With its 20,000 m2 area and strategic location in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, close to Barcelona’s metropolitan area, the HIS has become an international standard in training motorcyclists.


The HIS provides both classes in theory and practical training. Our modern 1,500m2 building has various classrooms for teaching theory, which are also equipped with our Riding Simulators. There are three different areas for practice sessions:


• A versatile 8,000m2 asphalt track.

• A dedicated track for braking exercises, with a range of asphalt types having different friction coefficients.

• A 6000m2 off-road area.


The HIS is managed by experienced instructors from the Honda Riding School (HEC), a pioneering institution with more than 20 years experience teaching Road Safety, Basic Riding and Advanced courses, as well as exclusive courses for area law enforcement agencies and professionals. To date, 170,000 participants have been trained at the HEC.

In building this Institute, Honda has not neglected its other risk prevention activities, such as the travelling courses taught by HEC in secondary schools.


The idea is to focus our efforts on making essential technological and logistic elements available for rider training. Our centre has classrooms for teaching theory as well as more practical elements, such as driving simulators and various test tracks. We offer two basic kinds of activity.


From Monday to Friday, classes are given to schools and professionals, while weekends are open to children and individuals, all within a training program that continues throughout the year. The range of courses runs from basic Road Safety courses for beginners to Defensive Riding courses and courses for professionals. At Honda, far from treating these courses as another line of business, we consider safety to be a social responsibility.


This is why costs for HIS courses are not calculated to turn a profit. They are calculated to offer affordable prices to riders, who are the ones who really derive the benefits from this training.

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