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Learn advanced dirt-riding techniques for maximum control on asphalt with this fun course


Beginner course teaching off-road riding techniques for increased level of control and safety on the road. All the feel, including the reduced grip of compacted dirt, lets participants increase knowledge and experience in order to maintain control in situations of risk when riding on asphalt

This course stands out due to its high level of fun.


Some of the techniques you’ll learn during this course:

• Skid control

• Counter-steering techniques

• How posture on the motorcycle influences riding

• Risk prevention and reaction techniques

• Controlling the motorcycle with the throttle

• Correct distribution and use of brakes


All courses include corresponding RC insurances and policies

Use of the motorcycle, rider’s equipment and gas are included in the price.


IMPORTANT: the aim of this course is to improve riding technique, not to teach users without any previous experience how to ride a motorcycle. Experience with manual gear-shift motorcycles is required.

Price: Monday to Friday 92€ | Weekend 98€ Motorcycles for the Course

Honda CRF100:

Light off-road motorcycle used for the Off-Road Course and the exercises corresponding to the Advanced level Defensive Riding course. Perfect for practicing skidding and counter-steering. Half of the HIS units at this moment feature non-studded tires to increase the feel and technical demands on dirt. Fun is guaranteed with this motorcycle!


CFR100 motorcycle and equipment



Helmet, gloves, chest and back protections, elbow guards and knee pads.



9:15 to 15:00

Calendar and course enrollment

Here are some examples of course activities

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