Course Program


NC700S, CBF600 Motorcycles with stabilizers, SH300 with stabilizers and equipment



Helmet, gloves, chest and back protection, elbow guards and knee pads.



9:15 to 15:00

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Here are some examples of course activities

Format for companies and institutions: Occupational Risk Prevention related to motorcycles.


The contents, as well as the duration of the course, can be adapted to the needs of each group considering motorcycle use and load conditions. The course is designed to promote safe and advanced riding techniques, as well as provide training in the area of Occupational Risk Prevention.


Some of the techniques you will learn in this course:

• Risk prevention and reaction techniques. Proper positioning on curves of different radius.

• Braking in curves and on surfaces with low adherence.

• Reducing braking distance and correct brake application in emergency situations.


All courses include corresponding RC insurances and policies

The use of motorcycles, rider’s equipment and gas, are included in the price


To participate in this course a license corresponding to the requested model is needed.


IMPORTANT:  The purpose of this course is to improve riding technique, not to teach users without any previous experience how to ride a motorcycle.

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Honda NC700S:

Naked-type motorcycle used for the Defensive Riding courses is very easy to use, enabling better performance in the different riding exercises. High torque in low- to mid-ranges is perfect for practicing throttle operation and smooth performance..

Motorcycles for the Course

Honda CBF600:

Unit equipped with stabilizers used for ABS braking exercises so the rider can experience ABS behavior on slippery surfaces, and the corresponding reaction when it’s not equipped with ABS.

Honda SH300:

Motorcycle equipped with stabilizers used for ABS braking exercises, so the rider can experience ABS behavior on slippery surfaces.

Honda SH125:

2013 ABS version of the model used for the 125cc scooter course. Agile, smooth, and progressive, its contained weight lets you fully enjoy the course and the ride.

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