Course Program
Motorcycle advance level + Open road


NC700S motorcycle (In HIS track)



Helmet, gloves, chest and back protection, elbow guards and knee pads.



9:15 to 17:30

Calendar and course enrollment

Here are some examples of course activities

Enjoy a unique experience riding on the road with Honda’s instructors and learn how to safely and skillfully enjoy your rides.


Course for experienced motorcyclists who want to perfect riding skills and get the most out of favorite routes. After learning and practicing riding skills in the Honda Safety Institute facilities, the course continues on the open, varying road where you can apply what you have learned. All activities are supervised by Honda’s instructors who film you on the winding route in order to analyze the points that will enable you to enhance control and safety.


For the riding exercises in Honda’s facilities, HIS motorcycles (NC700S) will be used. However, each user must bring his or her own motorcycle to ride on the open road. For the open route section, every participant must bring and use at least a full-face helmet, jacket and pants with protection, gloves and adequate footwear.


Some of the techniques you will learn in this course:

• Correct positioning for curves.

• Advanced braking and gear reduction techniques.

• Weight transfer for smoother riding on winding roads.


All courses include corresponding RC insurances and policies.

Inside Honda Safety Institute the use of motorcycles, rider’s equipment and gas is included in the price. In the open road section of the course, participants will pay gas and any possible damage to their vehicle.


To participate in this course at least a type A2 driver’s license is required.


IMPORTANT:  The purpose of this course is to improve riding technique, not to teach users without any previous experience how to ride a motorcycle.




Having adequate insurance, ITV (where required) and a motorcycle in good general condition are mandatory.


If the instructor in charge considers that the vehicle does not meet the required conditions for undertaking the activity safely, the right to forbid the user’s participation is reserved.

Price: Monday to Friday 137€ (Lunch included) | Weekend 143€ (Lunch included)

Honda NC700S:

Naked-type motorcycle used for the Defensive Riding courses is very easy to use, enabling improved performance in different riding exercises. High torque in low- to mid-ranges is perfect for practicing throttle operation and smooth performance.

Motorcycles for the Course

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