Course Program
Scooter Advance Level


Scoopy SH125i and equipment



Helmet, gloves, chest and back protection, elbow guards and knee pads.



9:15 to 15:00

Calendar and course enrollment

Estos son algunos ejemplos de las actividades realizadas durante este curso

For riders who want to going further into scooter control and get more safety in their travels by city or highway.


Course developed for riders with previous experience riding Scooter of any cylinder capacity. We planning two training blocs with agility, braking, balance, traced in curve and braking on slippery surfaces using scooter equipped with ABS and stabilizers. The main objective of the course is gain fluency, learn the most important driving techniques in order to control the scooter, anticipate risk situations and gain safety when we use the Scooter.


Some of the techniques you will learn in this course:

• Correct brakes combination to get a safety and stabilized braking.

• Braking inside curva.

• Obstacles dodge, evasive technique and countersteering

• ABS system use and function.

• Rear brake use in order to gain fluency in curves and turns.

• Traced in curve technique.

• Take off on uphill conditions.

• Control and precision over irregular surfaces.

• Balance control in low speed condition.


To participate in the course with a 125cc scooter, an A1 driving license is required or more than 3 years experience with B type driver’s license (B-A1 validation).*

*To participate you must know how to control a bicycle since having acquired a sense of balance will allow evolve successfully in the course content.

Honda SH125:

2013 ABS version of the model used for the 125cc scooter course. Agile, smooth, and progressive, its contained weight lets you fully enjoy the course and the ride.


Motorcycles for theCourse Price: Monday to Friday 92€ | Weekend 98€

Honda SH300:

Motorcycle equipped with stabilizers used for ABS braking exercises, so the rider can experience ABS behavior on slippery surfaces.

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